The Best Spring Blue Nails to Inspire You

Spring Blue Nails-20220413

Spring blue nails are one of the most popular mani colors of the season. Blue is particularly rich in meaning, representing depth, calmness, and nobility. Baby blue also represents romance and warmth. Keep swiping the screen to enjoy our carefully curated collection of blue spring nail designs and ideas for these best spring mani to … Read more

The Coolest Spring Nail Ideas to Make Your Hands Shine

Spring Nail Ideas-20220216

Spring nail ideas need gorgeous colors like pink, baby blue, purple, etc. It also needs popular nail patterns and motifs such as swirl nails, butterfly nails, etc. Scroll through our compilation of the coolest spring nail designs and ideas and you’ll find plenty of perfect spring mani inspiration.   1. @/nailsbypaulin/ by@/_claudianails__/ @/heygreatnails/   2. … Read more

15 Best Marble Nails to Inspire You

Marble Nails-20211021

Marble nails look luxurious and regal! This nail is also a very popular style of nail design. And, look around and you will see that marble effects are also popular in furniture and home décor. Marble nails are not too difficult to make, and if you want to DIY this gorgeous nail design at home … Read more

10 Most Beautiful Dreamy Cloud Nail Design

Cloud nail-20211015

Cloud nail designs are becoming popular, and this glamorous new style of nails has a fantastic beauty. Especially with life under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, people are more eager for the fresh air outside and the enchanting blue sky. Therefore, you can wear cloud nails to let yourself feel the scent of nature. … Read more

Cute Small Tattoos for Women 2020


Do you want to try tattoos? So generally for the first time, you should try a small tattoo. Today, in our article, we prepared 20+ cute small tattoos for women. They will give you the best inspiration. Although small tattoos are small, they can also express great significance. We can express your hobbies. And such … Read more