Gorgeous Glitter Nails That You Will Love to the Core

Glitter Nails-20211128

Glitter nails are the most dazzling of all styles of nail art. They are naturally synonymous with glitz and glamour. Even the most conservative shimmery glitter nails are stunning in their magnificent style. Glitter manis are luxurious and classy, and they are perfect for holidays and festivals. Of course, you can also rock glitter manis … Read more

15 Perfect Gel Nails You Should Try

Gel Nails-2021114

Gel nails look better, more natural, and shiny than other types of nails. That’s why gel manicures are becoming more and more popular. Gel nails are more environmentally friendly and safer compared to acrylic nails. In comparison, acrylic nails have a pungent odor and fumes and are more afraid of water and sweat, so if you … Read more

15 Best Thanksgiving Nails to Inspire You

Thanksgiving Nails-20211101

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, are you planning beautiful Thanksgiving nails again. In addition to the classic turkey and pumpkin elements, our Thanksgiving nails need some exciting nail design ideas. Like the popular swirls, glitter or leaves, and other nail ideas. If you need more Thanksgiving mani ideas to refer to, then keep reading our … Read more

30+ Best Natural Makeup Looks to Make You Beautiful

Natural makeup looks can show your original beauty. Natural makeup is never outdated, and it is becoming more and more popular. Many fashion celebrities wear this elegant natural makeup. You will find that natural makeup will not change your face too much. Therefore, others can recognize you at a glance even after removing makeup. But … Read more

70+ Simple Natural Makeup Looks Idea 2019

Makeup trend changes every year. So are popular colors. But natural makeup is never out of date. Simple and natural are becoming more and more popular! Natural skin, eyes, and lips are always the most appreciated. Sunshine and snow touch the skin is always the best feeling. Therefore, we collected 70+ simple natural makeup. Come … Read more

100 Best Coffin Nails Worth Copying

Coffin nails-20210912

Coffin nails, also known as Ballerina Nails, have been popular for many years. It is said these nails originated in the 1990s and were inspired by Ballet shoes. Compared with short square nails, the shape of the coffin nails can make the fingers longer and more elegant. The Coffin nails ratio is perfect, close to … Read more



Elegant nail designs are what every lady wants. Beautiful and attractive nails are even more important than makeup and hair. People will inadvertently admire your manicure at the first touch of handshake. An elegant, stylish and decent manicure will make the most impressive first impression on others. Moreover, you will always admire and touch your … Read more