35 Cute Snowflake Nails to Try

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Cute snowflake nails best represent winter. And many Christmas nails also feature snowflake designs. Snowflake nails are easy to replicate and today we have compiled some cute snowflake nails for your inspiration. So that you can find the best snowflake manicure that suits your style. Whether you like minimalist nails or prefer subtle nail designs, … Read more

Simple and Meaningful Snowflake Tattoos


Snowflake tattoos are a beautiful and unique tattoo. The snow looked white, and there seemed to be no difference. However, each snowflake is different if it is magnified. Therefore, the snowflake tattoo represents everyone’s different personality, which is a particularly meaningful tattoo design. Snowflakes are pure and beautiful but have a short lifespan. It represents … Read more

40 Cute Winter Almond Nails to Inspire You

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Winter is here, and that means it’s time to get your nails winter-ready! And what better way to do that than with some super trendy winter almond nails? If you’re not familiar with almond nails, they’re a slightly elongated version of the classic square nail shape, but with a more rounded edge. They’re super chic … Read more