Gorgeous Coffin And Stiletto Nails Compare

Coffin and stiletto nails are two similar types of nails that are also equally very popular. Both types of nails are generally longer and allow for the creation of gorgeous and beautiful nail styles.

When these two gorgeous nails are together for you to choose from, which one will you choose? Below we have compiled some coffin nails and stiletto nails for comparison, and by showing their pros and cons, we hope to make it easy for you to make a fashion choice.


1. What is the difference between coffin and stiletto nails?

Coffin manicures and stiletto manicures are both tapered manicures. Only the coffin manicure is square-tipped and looks more stable. Whereas stiletto manicures have a sharp head and appear strong and powerful.

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2. Luxury long coffin nails

Long coffin nails embellished with beautiful 3D flowers, plus gorgeous rhinestones and crystals, and glitter trim, this is really gorgeous royal mani!



3. Radiant stiletto mani

Gold foil, glitter, marbling, forming a radiant and gorgeous stiletto mani.



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