45 Best Acrylic Nails to Inspire You

Acrylic Nails-20220512

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular nail art. Acrylic nails are strong and durable, and very easy to make. Acrylic mani does not require a special UV light to cure like gel mani. However, acrylic liquid and powder can have some pungent odor when mixed. Acrylic manicures are also very inexpensive and they … Read more

30 Trendy Nails You Should Try

Trendy Nails-20220508

Trendy nails to keep you enthusiastic every day. You need the most fashionable nail designs and ideas that can excite you. What kind of nail art do you like: almond nails, coffin nails, square nails, and personalized stiletto nails. We are here you can find the most fashionable manicure inspiration for these nails. And of course … Read more

35 Best May Nail Ideas to Try

May Nail Ideas-20220507

May nail ideas are more in the form of dreamy colors and pretty floral shapes. And of course, there are the tempting elements of fruit nails. Because summer will soon be here as May begins. Bright and bold colors start to be applied to our nails. If you are looking for the best May nail … Read more

30 Trendy 2022 Almond Nail Ideas to Copy

2022 Almond Nail Ideas-20220507

2022 Almond nail ideas are still the most popular. Almond nails are stylish and chic, they are a very classic nail shape. Almond-shaped nails are slightly more conservative than stiletto nails and more suitable for everyday wear than square nails. For this reason, almond nails are the most popular nail shape. Styling browses our article, … Read more

40 Most Trendy Acrylic Almond Nails to Copy

Acrylic Almond Nails-20220506

Acrylic almond nails are very popular and beautiful, and almond nails are very practical, and they are usually not too long. Acrylic almond nails are also very sturdy and you can go a long time without having to maintain them. Today, in our article we have curated 40 of the most trendy acrylic almond manicure … Read more

40 Cool Summer Nails in 2022 to Copy

Cool Summer Nails-20220505

Cool summer nails to keep you excited and energized for the summer of 2022. Check out these summer mani designs and ideas we’ve curated and you’ll be cheering them on, these are the coolest and prettiest nail art worth copying. Holidays, beaches, barbecues, the best season of 2022 is here! Our gallery of cool summer … Read more

40 New Trendy Short Nail Designs to Copy

Short nail designs-20220503

Short nail designs are the most practical nail art. And short nails can be very trendy and glamorous. They can also make your hands stand out just as much as wearing long nails. Here are some of the best short nail designs and ideas that can provide you with the perfect short mani inspiration. You … Read more

40+ Most Popular Summer Nail Trends to Copy

Summer Nail Trends-20220502

Are you looking for the most popular summer nail trends? Then you should take a look at our gallery, you can surely get satisfied with the summer mani inspiration. From simple to gorgeous, and cute styles, you will find amazing summer nails trends tip in our articles. Summer is full of sunshine and neon colors, … Read more

40+ Most Popular 2022 Nails to Copy

2022 Nails-20220502

2022 nails will be brighter, warmer, and more welcoming. Bright pinks, blues, and gorgeous color combinations will continue to be popular. There will also be bold swirl nail art and the classic French style will be even hotter. 2022 will be a year of hope and change, and we’ll need more aggressive mani designs and … Read more

30+ Gorgeous 2022 Summer Nails Show Charm

2022 Summer Nails-20220501

2022 summer nails you need to passionately show glamour. Super bright colors, bold textures, and sleek looks are your top choices for the 2022 mani. 2022 summer will be a special season as we beat the global epidemic. We all need pleasant summer beaches to relax our long pent-up enthusiasm, and gorgeous summer nails are … Read more

30+ Best Summer Nail Designs to Inspire You

Summer Nail Designs-20220430

Summer nail designs need to be bright and refreshing and need brilliant colors. Bright yellows, ocean blues, stunning purples, and greens, to name a few beautiful colors, are your top choices for summer nail design. Keep scrolling through these best summer manicure designs and ideas, these pretty and lovely summer mani’s are perfect for you … Read more