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How to Draw a Cute Reindeer – Step by Step


Today, let’s draw a cute reindeer again. It can be used to decorate this year’s Christmas. Reindeer, in general, live in colder regions. In legends about Christmas, the reindeer pull the sleigh for Santa Claus in the night sky. To help Santa Claus deliver presents to the children.   1. Draw a cute reindeer – … Read more

How to Draw a Scarecrow – Inspire Halloween Makeup


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Other Coraline Makeup for Halloween


Coraline makeup is a special Halloween makeup. It is full of fear and profound meaning. Especially the buttons, which are the most important symbol of the entire makeup. In another world, people use buttons instead of eyes. Black buttons indicate that these characters lack soul. People cannot interpret each other’s motives through the most important … Read more