10 Most Beautiful Dreamy Cloud Nail Design

Cloud nail-20211015

Cloud nail designs are becoming popular, and this glamorous new style of nails has a fantastic beauty. Especially with life under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, people are more eager for the fresh air outside and the enchanting blue sky. Therefore, you can wear cloud nails to let yourself feel the scent of nature. … Read more

15 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs You’ll Love


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re joining the V-day celebration or not, you have a reason to choose Valentine’s Day nail for yourself this romantic holiday. Scroll down the screen in our list and we’re sure you can find a favorite Valentine’s Day manicure.   1. Nude Valentine’s Day Nail Nude color … Read more

Best Coffin Nail Ideas 2020 Fascinate You


Are you looking for the best coffin nail ideas? So, take a few minutes to check our nails design list. You will find fabulous coffin nail inspiration. Coffin nails are also known as ballet shoe nails. These nails are slender and elegant. It can make your fingers more long and charming. We always instinctively like … Read more

Best Claw Nail Ideas Popular 2020


Do you need a strong nail idea that can show your unique personality? Then, claw nail designs are your best choice! Claw nails are bold nails with long, sharp ends. Sharp claws like a raptor. Therefore, the claw nails look fierce and can completely show the independent personality of women. If you add beautiful patterns … Read more

Popular Long Square Nail Ideas 2020


Did you notice that the long square nail design became popular? Such nails are so similar to coffin nails that many people cannot distinguish them. Below we quote pictures of nail artists to teach you how to quickly distinguish between square nails and coffin nails. It can be seen that long square nails are more … Read more

80+ the Most Popular Nail Art 2019


Nail art is so rich today. Whether it’s shape or color. We all have too many choices. Popular nail shapes are coffin nails, almond nails, square nails, and stiletto nails. What shape of nails do you like? Choose the shape you like, and then come the amazing color and pattern design. Take a look at … Read more

70+ Pretty Nail Designs Ideas Inspiring You


Are you looking for pretty nail design ideas? If so, check our collection of nail art images quickly! Here are the most popular manicure designs and trends. These most beautiful nail art will surely impress you! There are many different shapes, colors, and designs. Coffin manicures, almond manicures, French manicures, glitter manicures, matte manicures, natural … Read more

30 Stylish Coffin Nail Designs And Colors


Coffin nail designs are forever a myth. Just look at the fashion celebrities who are almost all super fans of coffin manicure. Especially long coffin nails have always been the most popular nail ideas in fashion. The exceptionally gorgeous and low-maintenance coffin manicure designs offer you a fashion advantage. And coffin nail color ideas are … Read more