40 Trending Summer Nail Art to Inspire You

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Summer is the season of beach and barbecue revelry, and we need trending summer nail art to accommodate this cheerful time. Bright summer mani makes you feel good and enjoy the season more pleasantly. Gorgeous rhinestones, small silver or gold decorations, various floral designs in rich colors, and shiny glaze designs are the most trending … Read more

30 Trending Summer 2023 Nails to Inspire You

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Trending summer nails are always full of creativity, and this is especially true for summer 2023 manicures. More vibrant colors and more fun pattern designs are the most popular in summer. Because summer is the season of enthusiasm like fire, the season of revelry. Of course, if you’re a minimalist, there are plenty of cute … Read more

50 Super Cute Summer Nail Art for Your Next Manicure

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These super cute summer nail art will have your mani favorites bursting at the seams. With bold prints, swirls, checkerboard patterns, flames, smiley faces, and cute bright colors, you can’t go wrong with these super cool manicure ideas for summer mani art. There are also a variety of cute minimalist summer nail designs, abstract geometric … Read more

The Most Fashionable Green Nails to Impress You

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Green nails are fresh and full of nature’s charm. Especially in summer in addition to the popular pink and peach nail designs, a charming green manicure can impress you just as much. Whether it’s work nails or holiday nails, you can be bold enough to try out a stylish green nail design. From refreshing mint … Read more

10+ Amazing Summer Nail Ideas to Inspire You


Today, we have once again compiled 10+ summer nail ideas. These amazing summer manicures can give you the best inspiration. Summer is the season of splendor and color, so nail designs are also dominated by alluring colors. Come to our list to find your nail inspiration.   1.   2. @/kokoaluxekollection/