10+ Mandala Tattoo Designs and Meanings

A mandala tattoo is a rather special kind of tattoo. It has a close connection with religion. This tattoo represents eternity and perfection.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word. It means ‘circle’. Therefore mandala tattoos are usually made up of many overlapping circles and various shapes.

Mandalas are an art form with a long history. This particular graphic art has long been present in Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian architecture or culture.

The mandala is perfectly symmetrical and can be spread out without limit. This has much to do with the religion’s contemplation of eternity. Therefore, religions generally hold this mystical art in very high esteem.

The design of a mandala tattoo looks similar to a flower in full bloom. Therefore, many female tattoos have adopted the mandala pattern. Especially after the integration of dotted work tattoo form, making the mandala tattoo more fascinating.

Modern mandala tattoos are usually combined with floral tattoos, tribal tattoos, etc. Round, square, triangle mandala tattoos are most popular. Henna art is also a source of inspiration for mandala tattoos.








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