20+ Beautiful Red Tattoos to Inspire You

Have you noticed that red tattoos are becoming more and more popular? This single-color tattoo is eye-catching and fun. It is more than capable of expressing some unique tattoo ideas.

Today we have compiled some of the best examples of red ink tattoos. We hope these amazing red ink designs will inspire you.


Red tattoos – dragon, butterfly, phoenix

The red butterfly tattoo is more passionate and exuberant.

Dragon and phoenix these oriental elements with red to express, look more powerful and open.

There are also red leaves, more vibrant.



Red flower and cobra tattoos

Red cobra, full of horror and power. A dense grid of snake scales and sharp fangs. The red color accentuates these elements.

And the red flowers are passionate and vibrant.



Red carp tattoo

The carp represents wealth and happiness in the East. The head and tail of the carp are linked together with red ink, full of visual impact.

There are also minimalist red ink of flowers and characters, red snakes, and powerful dragons.

Each example is a fine tattoo idea worth collecting.



Big red tattoo

Red is also great for big tattoo ideas.

For example, a red daisy on the chest.

The abdomen, thighs, and also the best areas for big red ink.



Red lily tattoo



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