20 Best Hibiscus Tattoo Designs to Inspire You

Hibiscus tattoo designs are gorgeous and unrestrained tattoos. There are many positive implications for choosing this tattoo. In Korea, it represents the meaning of immortality. In China, it symbolizes wealth and fame.

Hibiscus flowers are delicate and beautiful. The stamens are particularly long, with a warm and outgoing style. Hibiscus has many different colors, such as red, which symbolizes desire and passion.

We have compiled the 20 best hibiscus flower tattoos to inspire you. The size of these tattoos can be flexibly changed, so you can choose any part of the body.


1. Big hibiscus tattoo ideas

The waist or abdomen is very suitable for this large-scale hibiscus tattoo. The beautiful lines of the hibiscus fit the feminine figure of women. Choosing to match butterflies or other flower elements is also a good design.

source: @/xiso_ink/


2. Elegant hibiscus tattoo design

The elegant hibiscus tattoos on the arms or thighs are so beautiful. A little bit of color is also a good idea.

source: @/minnietattooart/


3. Small tattoo design

Small hibiscus flowers are still the most popular choice. Especially women who have tattoos for the first time. It is certainly not wrong to choose this simple flower tattoo.

source: @/pchantattoo/


4. With snake

Cool tattoo ideas. The softness of flowers merges with the horrible elements of snakes. Beautiful but independent and powerful.

source: @/vicnunestattoo/


5. Beautiful Hibiscus flower tattoo

The shoulders and arms are very suitable for such gorgeous flowers as hibiscus. Especially the large-scale tattoo design looks gorgeous and eye-catching.

source: @/camicamps_/


6. Red passion tattoo ideas

Red hibiscus, passion, and desire. Fiery vitality is suitable for outgoing and lively women.

source: @/oc_ink.tattoo/


7. Black ink hibiscus flower

Classic tattoos. Hibiscus and lilies are somewhat similar. The combined tattoo design is very hot. The black ink can better show the original beautiful texture and lines of flowers.

source: @/mafragatattoo/


8. White hibiscus

The white hibiscus flower tattoo is very special. This will immediately become the focus of attention. However, white is easy to fade, so consult a tattoo artist.

source: @/madnestattoos/


9. Colorful Hibiscus Tattoo

Color can attract people’s attention most.

source: @/thatswhatfisaid/

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