20+ Elegant French Nails You Should Save

French nails are elegant and luxurious. And this manicure has a resurgence in popularity. If you want to try French tip nails too, then you can check out our gallery. 20+ gorgeous French manicure manicures, each one is worth trying in your collection.

With a traditional French manicure, a strip of white nail polish usually covers the fingertips, contrasting with the nail polish underneath. This brings out the classic and gorgeous style of the French-style manicure.

Casual or business you can wear this beautiful manicure. Of course, there are many variations and improvements to the French-style manicure nowadays. The colors, designs, and accents are more modern and bold.


1. French Nails – Coffin Nail Style

Coffin nails have been very popular for a few years now. When combined with the classic French manicure, its popularity can be imagined.

Take a look at our list and you won’t be able to help but gasp in awe.



2. Classic and Change

French manicures are very classic and beautiful. But humans are always in search of something new.

Therefore, innovative French tip manicures are the basis for the revival of this classic nail style.





3. Classic French Nails

A delightful pink base color that is sheer and gorgeous. Coupled with striking white ends.

This is the classic French manicure. Classic forever.



4. Gorgeous end changes

Are you tired of the monotonous white ends of French manicures?

Take a look at the improved designs by talented nail artists and you’ll love the variations.



5. French Nail Transformation-Gold and Black

Stunning gold with black endings.

These fabulous nail ideas will fill you with inspiration.



6. Comparison of almond nails, oval nails, and coffin nails

French nails combine three popular manicures. Which one would you prefer?





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