20+ Simple Butterfly Tattoo Designs to Inspire You

Simple butterfly tattoo designs are becoming more and more popular. This is because, with the advancement of technology and the fast pace of life, people have generally accepted the trend of minimalism.

Today we will show you 20+ of the best simple butterfly ink art. There are tattoo ideas for all sizes and body parts. We hope they will give you inspiration for a different kind of butterfly tattoo.


1. Simple butterfly tattoo – geometric shapes and lines

Sharp style geometric shape minimalist butterfly. Show off your extremely strong personality.

The changing colors add some lively vibe.

If you like soft lines butterfly ideas are also available.

These few examples can inspire you.



2. One Line Butterfly

This is the ultimate in minimalism. One single line draws a beautiful butterfly.

This line tattoo is also particularly suitable for people who are trying tattoos for the first time.





3. Simple butterfly tattoo on the calf

The calf tattoo area can be slightly larger.





4. Minimalist butterfly tattoo ideas

The butterfly with the star element symbolizes freedom and hope.

A simple butterfly inside with some light blue is also a popular design.

The butterfly outline line thickened is also very characteristic of the idea.





5. Beauty and power contrast

Elegant and powerful butterfly contrast, the same simple elements, which tattoos idea would you choose.





6. Black Simple Butterfly

Classic black ink tattoo. Simple utilitarian style.

These tattoos are suitable for all parts of the body.



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