30 Fashionable Leopard Nails to Try

Leopard nails, also known as cheetah nails, are a very popular fashion nail art. Leopard print is also the most popular among other fashion arts. Leopard nails look beautiful yet powerful and mysterious.

If you want to show your strong and independent personality, then you should definitely try a leopard manicure.

1. Through the innovation of many talented artists, leopard print nails have many amazing designs and ideas. Swirling leopard, accent leopard, gold leaf leopard, and so on.




2. The classic and large leopard print manicure is the most shocking and attractive. This gorgeous and stylish leopard print mani makes people bar their eyes to your manicures.




3. The leopard print short mani is also very attractive. You can also add eye-catching colors to enhance your leopard print manicure.




4. The dark color leopard print mani looks more powerful and individual.



5. Pretty colors can make your leopard print mani look cute.



6. A stylish leopard print manicure can go with an individual look.




7. The lovely leopard mani in pink, and the gorgeous golden leopard mani.




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