30 Pretty Gel X Nails You’ll Want to Try

Gel X nails have been one of the most popular nail art. Simple and beautiful, gel X nails are the best for long nails, they are more comfortable and durable than acrylic nails and powder dip nails and the colors are natural and beautiful.

Gel X manicure is a press-on nails, they are soft and light and cause minimal damage to your natural nails. Below I have some beautiful gel X manicure inspiration for you that you will want to try right away.

1. The beautiful gel X mani allows for gorgeous designs. This soft extension mani is comfortable and stunning.



2. The beautiful pattern design makes your gel X manicure suitable for any occasion wear.



3. You like minimalist mani, you like happy holiday mani, and you can boldly choose the gel X design.



4. Who doesn’t love a cute and easy gel X mani? Although the price is a little more expensive than a regular gel mani or dipped powder mani, the time saved and their stunning beauty make your expense more than worth it.



5. The comfort of close to natural nails makes people more willing to try Gel X Manicure.




6. Aura design, airbrush mani design, used on gel extension manicure immediately make your nails the focus.



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