30 Trendy Sage Nails You’ll Want to Try

Sage nails have a soft and stylish hue. This comforting green-tone nail is very popular. Sage is a herb that is pleasing to the eye when they are spread all over the earth.

If you love green nails but aren’t quite comfortable with brighter shades, then be sure to try sage mani. Below, we’ve compiled some trendy sage nails to inspire you.

1. Sage shades are the most refreshing shades of green. This elegant color is perfect for any subtle manicure design.




2. If you don’t want to try the sage color alone, you can also combine other beautiful colors to make your mani more fashionable.




3. Whether it’s a strong contrast with other colors or an elegant design on its own, your sage green mani is at its best.




4. Sage green manicures are suitable for every season to try. They are also very versatile shades.




5. Sage nails can also be gorgeous and lovely. Check out these extravagant diamonds, 3D flowers, glitter, pearls, and swirling designs and other stunning design elements.




6. With beautiful pearls, dramatic color contrasts, and subtle pattern designs, these sage manis will leave you in awe.





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