35 Spring 2023 Nail Trends to Inspire You

Spring 2023 is just around the corner and we need the best nail trends to welcome this sunny season. Everything is coming back to life, flowers are blooming and our spring nails are starting to be painted in a variety of bright and colorful colors. That’s what spring nail trends are all about – exciting colors.

This spring nail colors need to be bolder and more innovative. And of course, beautiful nail shapes and texture designs.

Spring 2023 is a special season where everything needs to be revived and move forward. Stunning nail colors, shapes, and subtle textural patterns can bring encouragement and good cheer to all.

1. With bright colors, beautiful swirls, and stunning animal prints, spring nails need these ideas the most.



2. Glamorous pastel nails are always right. Especially for spring, use your creativity to add bold colors and designs.



3. French nails are still all the rage. Glazed nails, gold decorated nails, these simple nails are still the most popular. Add some simple heart designs and you get nice Valentine’s Day nails.



4. Simple ballet nails in pretty colors that are easy to replicate. You can keep trying the coolest colors of 2023.



5. Subtle Valentine’s Day nails will make you remember this special spring forever. The almond nail shape is also the cutest look.



6. Almond nails with sweet colors are still the spring 2023 nail trends.



7. The most popular flower nails for spring.



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