45 Early Summer Nails to Inspire You

With early summer just around the corner, it’s important that our nails follow the summer fashion trends as well. Early summer nails are brighter than spring nail colors, and the designs will be bold and more enthusiastic. Summer is also the perfect time to venture out into nature, so our nails need to start changing for the season as well.

Summer starts with sweet fruits, heavy rain, and intense weather, our nails will also be more dramatic, and abandoning the rules to be bold and innovative is the theme of summer manicures.

1. Summer is all about mixing and matching manicures and trying all your favorite manicure colors and designs.



2. With the most popular pastel colors and a variety of top-notch mani design ideas, summer mani is all about passion and fire.



3. Summer manicures are also about more floral designs and creativity, as well as bright neon colors.




4. Gorgeous glossy mani with bright colors this is the hot gloss of summer.



5. The popular sloping shoulder French summer mani is a favorite this summer.




6. Summer is definitely the time to experience the bold neon mani.



7. The start of summer your manicure definitely needs the most vibrant colors.



8. Gorgeous Y2K mani, chrome mani, and kawaii mani make you stand out at the beginning of summer.



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