60 Best Summer Nail Color Trends to Copy

Summer nail color trends to be bright and colorful. Especially with the impact of the epidemic, we need cheerful summer colors to inspire a good mood as the situation improves. Pink, green, blue, and orange nails will be more popular.

In order for you to grasp the summer nail color trends, we have carefully compiled the hottest and best summer mani colors, you will cheer for these amazing manicure colors. We need to be in such a good mood this year.











4. Rich colors with beautiful swirls, smiley faces, clouds, rainbows, ice cream, and all those summer goodies to fill your 2022 nails with colorful joy.










7. Pretty clashing colors are the hottest summer nail color trend. At once you can experience most of your favorite colors.
There is also green grass, and blue Ombre these are the best choices for summer mani colors.






9. Classic black and white nails, mix and match nail designs in various colors and finishes, and mismatched nails, blend your favorite colors! Summer nails are all about being cool.












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