60 Trendy Nail Art Designs to Inspire You

Beautiful and trendy nail art designs can greatly enhance your look and showcase your unique aesthetic and personality. However, as nail art continues to evolve, there is an extraordinary wealth of nail designs and ideas, which leads to the fact that finding the right nail art design for you can take a lot of effort.

And we’ve got you covered with trendy nail art designs, these stunning mani will instantly catch your eye. From subtle textured nails and Ombre nails, minimalist French nails and nude nails, to gorgeous diamond nails and glitter nails, our gallery has it all. Read on to get inspired by these perfect mani.

1. Nude nails and French nails are classic and popular. You just need to choose your favorite nail shape: coffin nails, almond nails or square nails.



2. Come and try the trendy nail color designs that will amaze you. With Ombre, French style, and glazed nails, your fingers will instantly glamorize.



3. Cute and pretty French nails with subtle swirl designs and some other small designs.



4. Cute and charming love nail design. Romantic Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you need to know some of the popular nail trends for VDay this year in advance.



5. Trendy square nail art

Very beautiful winter square nails, Christmas square nails, and green square nails you can wear green nails in any season.



6. Beautiful flowers and leaves nails



7. Halloween nail ideas and spring nails and Valentine’s Day nail ideas



8. Sweet pink nails



9. Subtle little touches make your nails incredibly cute



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