Amazing Braids for Long Hair in 2020

Looking for some innovative long hair hairstyles? Then in addition to the common curly hair, straight hair, ponytail hairstyle, and so on, you should also pay attention to the braids. The combination of long hair and braid can create a lot of beautiful hairstyles that you didn’t expect.

You can wear braids whether on vacation or at work. Although some weaving skills are a bit complicated, as long as you follow our tutorial and imitate a few times, you can become a master of braiding.

Let’s start browsing our gallery and hope we can give you the best inspiration.

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Lazy and fluffy fishtails are always the best choice on holiday beaches. It makes you relax. People and friends around you will also like this relaxed and free braid hairstyle.

Both double braid hairstyles and single braid hairstyles are good choices.

There are also French braids or Dutch braids, which one you like.

Source: @/emilyrosehannon/

We just sorted out these fabulous braid hairstyles. If you are not familiar with knitting skills, you can search for some tutorials. These hairstyles are easy to master. With a little practice, you will become a braid hairstyle genius.

If you have any questions about braid hairstyles, you can also leave us a message below.

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