Amazing Butterfly Tattoo Designs 2020

The butterfly tattoo is one of the women’s favorite tattoos. Butterflies have a beautiful appearance, and they are particularly light and elegant when flying.

The butterfly is a metamorphosis of caterpillars, so butterflies symbolize metamorphosis, freedom, and rebirth. Butterflies also symbolize good luck and happiness.

Butterfly tattoos are usually accompanied by other tattoos designs, such as flowers, which is also the most matched design.

Today we have collected the 10+ most beautiful butterfly tattoo designs, hoping they will inspire your best tattoos inspiration.


1.Butterfly tattoo design on the back of the hand

Classic black ink tattoos, no gorgeous colors, only the delicate patterns and beauty of butterflies, accompanied by elegant and fragrant flowers. This is the best tattoo design to show women’s beauty.

Source: @/tritoan_7th/

2.Arm butterfly tattoo

Still classic black ink. The delicate and beautiful shape and pattern of the butterfly are fully revealed, and one wing changes into a blooming flower. This is an amazing design. Butterflies hidden in flowers make people want to study their beautiful patterns.

Source: @/tritoan_7th/

3.Shoulder butterfly tattoos

Beautiful butterfly and crimson rose. A wing is composed of a big red rose, a very creative butterfly tattoos design.

Source: @/dahong_muse/

4.Best butterfly tattoo design

Flying petals, red roses, and light butterflies symbolize the passion and freedom of butterfly tattoos creativity.

Source: @/dahong_muse/

5.Neck butterfly tattoos design

Flying butterflies and roses surround a heart shape. Super beautiful tattoo ideas. The butterfly tattoos on the neck are very eye-catching. Do you dare to try it?

Source: @/dahong_muse/

6.Mysterious butterfly tattoo

Ancient picture frames, roses, you have flying butterflies, attractive tattoo designs.

Source: @/dahong_muse/

7.Metamorphic butterfly tattoos

Changing roses, a metamorphosis of butterflies, a transformation of the human form. We are all constantly growing and changing, and one day we will lose our cocoon and become a butterfly.

Source: @/dahong_muse/

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