Beautiful Acrylic Nails Captivate You

Acrylic nails can be easily made very long. This way our fingers look slender and beautiful. Especially the most popular coffin nails, this shape of acrylic nails is more dramatic, almost all fashion celebrities like acrylic coffin nails.

If you like long mani, and your nail cannot grow too long, then an acrylic manicure is your best choice.

Today, we have compiled some super beautiful acrylic nail designs in this article, and we hope to provide you with some acrylic nail inspiration.


Summer Acrylic Nails

Cool mint acrylic nail, this is the best summer nail design. There are also rhinestones and stars decoration, and blue sequins, this acrylic nail creativity can make you immediately attract people’s attention.


Source: @/mirians.nails/

Ombre coffin nails

The gradient from yellow to orange, like the color of ripe fruit in nature, is attractive. The rhinestones and golden sequins are just right, and the whole becomes lively, lovely, and attractive. We need such amazing acrylic nail designs in summer.

Source: @/mirians.nails/

Purple nail design

Simple purple embellishment is more suitable for summer than gorgeous overall purple. The texture like jade makes people feel cool

Source: @/mirians.nails/


Glitter nail design

The shine of glitter nails is the most attractive. Luster-like candy and jade.

Source: @/mirians.nails/


White ombre acrylic nails

The gradient is from nude to white. Simple and cool. Another perfect nail design for summer.

Source: @/baebae__nail/

Summer nude pink nail ideas

Nude colors are embellished with some gold powder, which is gentle and noble.

Source: @/baebae__nail/

Summer french nails

White French nails embellished with attractive cherries. Full of dramatic summer nail design.

Source: @/baebae__nail/

Yellow matte acrylic nails

Alluring fruity yellow matte nails. Long coffin manis, only acrylic manicures can shape such a charming shape.

Source: @/baebae__nail/


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