Beautiful and Unique Nails Art 2020

There are too many beautiful and unique nails on social media. And nails have become an important part of measuring one’s aesthetic style. To have an eye-catching and beautiful manicure, you need to invest a lot of effort to find some inspirations about manicure.

To help you complete the task, today we have carefully collected some unique and beautiful nail art designs. If you want to be a glamorous fashionista, then find inspiration from these beautiful nail ideas.

And these beautiful manicures are easy to achieve. There are even some you can easily imitate. Come on, let’s get started.


1.Classic Nude Nails Art

Short nude coffin nails, slightly changed, with beautiful and simple eye shapes at the roots. Aren’t they cute?

2.Daily unique nails

No need to go to a nail salon, add nail polish to your daily nails, and add a bit of fruit painting art. You can do it too!

3.Simple painting unique nails

Clean lines form a negative space. There is another eye painting on the base of the nail. Which one would you choose?

4.Deep meaning nail art

Mystic nail art, which symbol would you choose?

5.Red Nail Art

The nails match the shoes. This manicure idea is easy to try.

6.Colorful nails art

Beautiful flowers, green leaves, goodies style nails. The yellow and white buds are so beautiful. You have to try it.

7.Valentine’s nails

Simple and creative. The cutest nails for Valentine’s Day. Which one do you like? Remember to save this idea.

8.Black Valentine Unique Nails

Black nail polish and white heart pattern. You need to practice well to draw the perfect heart shape. However, even if it is not perfect, this is the love you have done with your own hands. The meaning is always beyond the perfect work of Sharon.

Source: @/thehangedit/

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