Best Dragon Tattoo Ideas 2020 Inspiration Guide

There are myths and legends about dragons all over the world. Dragon tattoo ideas are also one of the most popular tattoos.

In the East, the dragon is a noble creature, a symbol of strength and wisdom. Especially in China, the dragon represents the emperor, and the emperor is also called the real dragon emperor. Only the emperor can wear dragon-patterned clothes.

But in the West, dragons are evil and dark. But now the dragon tattoos all imply strength and strong personality.

In this article, we have carefully collected 10 small dragon tattoos. Check these fabulous dragon tattoos designs carefully to find your dragon tattoos inspiration.

1.Waist dragon tattoo ideas

The symmetrical two dragon tattoos, unrestrained red, coiled into an elegant shape. The powerful dragon adds some cute styles. A dragon tattoos perfect for girls.

2.Powerful spine dragon tattoos

Open a huge mouth, containing Dragon Ball. Fierce style. Hovering around the spine. Show your independent and strong personality.

3.East-West dragon comparison

All are dragons coiling beautiful flowers, which kind of dragon tattoos would you like? East or West?

4.Forearm dragon tattoo ideas

Beautiful and powerful dragon coiled around the arm, these dragon tattoos are super cool.

5.Shocked black dragon tattoos

A soaring black dragon tattoos on your shoulder. This is so cool, powerful and ferocious, and despise everything.

6.Dragon and Phoenix tattoos

In the East, the simultaneous appearance of dragon and phoenix represents auspiciousness. Beautiful contrast tattoos, blue dragon tattoos, would you like it?

7.Dragon and woman tattoo

The woman who controls the dragon has a strong contrast. A tattoo that combines the fierceness of a dragon and the femininity of a woman.

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