Best Snake Tattoo Designs in 2020

Snake tattoo is cool tattoos, they are eye-catching. Because the snake is a very special animal. Snakes are generally small, but they are extremely deadly because they are highly toxic. So people have an instinctive fear of snakes.

Snakes have many legends in human history. They have various symbolic meanings, both positive and evil.

A snake can shed its skin, so it symbolizes rebirth and change. In Eastern Chinese legends, snakes have a relatively high status. The Chinese believe that snakes are immature dragons. People even call it the small dragon.

The snake in the Bible is the embodiment of temptation and evil. It tempts Eve with fruits.

What do you think of snake tattoos? Do you want to try a snake tattoo? Swipe the screen and check out our snake tattoos gallery to have a snake tattoos adventure together.


Ocean wave and snake tattoo ideas

Stunning tattoo ideas, snakes swim on the blue waves.

Two-headed snake tattoos

A simple black outlines the dreaded two-headed snake ink. This is a very personal tattoo, do you dare to try it?

Molt snake tattoo

Cool snake ink creativity to cover up your scars. Molting means throwing away the past and welcoming a brand new self. The red molting is more eye-catching, revealing the determination of this molting.

Forget-me-not flower and snake tattoo

Snake bone tattoos

The back half of the snake reveals a surprising skeleton,an amazing snake tattoos idea. And the snake tattoos design with a red frame, which one do you prefer?

Flower and snake ink tattoos

Snake and rose tattoos, black or red roses, which one do you like?

Snakes and green leaf tattoos. Snakes and cherry blossom tattoos. Snake and forget-me-not flower tattoos. Last snake and lotus tattoos. Several amazing tattoo ideas.

Pendant and snake tattoos

Snake and Pisces tattoos

Medusa tattoo

Coolest snake tattoo

The eye-catching red snake huddles into a heart shape, which is one of the coolest designs.

Snake and blue lily tattoos

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