How to Care for Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest cats are a special kind of feline. They are very large and have thick fur, which is very striking.

But they are gentle and kind-hearted. It’s a good pet. Want to know how to take care of this lovely cat? Take a look at our article.

1. cat food.

Please choose high-quality cat food. Moreover, there is special cat food for Norwegian forest cats. This is the best choice.

Feed twice a day. Besides, the water should be sufficient and clean.


Norwegian Forest cat has a double coat. And it’s long and thick. As a result, they need to groom once or twice a week.

3. cat litter.

Enough fine cat litter. Change every week.

4. play.

Some commonly used cat toys. And scratching post.

5. Regular veterinary examination.

Pay attention to a few simple steps, then you can take care of your unique Norwegian Forest cat. They are easier pets to keep.

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