Learn More About Cats 20 Interesting Facts About Cats

In this article, we have collected 20 facts about cats. Let’s take a look at how much you know about this cute pet.

Who doesn’t like to touch or hug cute cats and kittens? Among all pets, cats are almost the most interesting and cute guys. They are curious and adventurous! So always in trouble.

Sometimes you find them in an environment where they can’t help themselves, where they scream eagerly and ask for your help, but you can’t help laughing.

This makes the cat give us a lot of laughs and joy. Are you also a cat fan? Let ’s take a look together, We have compiled some of the cutest and interesting cats and kittens pictures, which can brighten your bad days and bring you a good mood of relaxation.

And you can enjoy some interesting facts about cats! After that, you will find that you look at them differently? You will smile heartily and say “little guys, I know why you did this!”

1. Cats and kittens love to sleep!

A cat sleeps 70% of the time every day, which is equivalent to 16.8 hours of sleep 24 hours a day.

Therefore, a 9-year-old cat woke up for only three years. And, in the 7.2 hours they woke up, they combed 2.16 hours.

Source: @howlifestyles/

2. The first cat to enter outer space was 1963, Interesting Facts About Cats 

It is a French cat named “Felicette”.

3. The cat’s beard is useful.

Cats use beards to check the size of the space and whether it can squeeze into space. Since cats do not have a clavicle, they can pass through and squeeze into any space/opening of the same size as the head.

Source: @howlifestyles/

4. Do you know the cat that has lived the longest?

According to records, the oldest / oldest cat in the world comes from the UK and is called “Lucy”. It was born in 1972; it died in 2011 and has lived for a full 39 years.

Source: @howlifestyles/

5. Cats are the best high-altitude explorers!

When jumping from a height, the cats are arranged in a special order. That’s why they can fall from a height without being hurt. The sequence is that it will rotate the head, then twist the spine, and finally align its hind legs. The cat will bend backward to reduce the impact of landing.

6. Do you know? The brain structure of cats is closer to humans!

From a brain perspective, cats are closer to humans than dogs. Because their brains, like humans, have emotional parts.

7. Cats can recognize emotions expressed in human voices!

Cats can feel your emotions from human voices. That’s why they feel like you’re talking to them or yelling at them. But, unlike dogs, they don’t understand human punishment, so many people misunderstand that they don’t care if they are in trouble or punished.

8. The cat’s heartbeat is crazy! Interesting Facts About Cats

A cat’s heartbeat can beat 110 to 140 times in a minute. In a minute, this is twice the human heartbeat.

9. Do you know? Cats cannot taste any sweetness.

So when you feed your love cat ice cream! They will be different, how can humans eat such tasteless things! Haha!

10. Do you know? Every cat has a different nose! Interesting Facts About Cats

Each cat’s nose has a different pattern, which is the same concept as everyone has a unique hand fingerprint.

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