Trendiest Small Tattoos for Women 2020

Do you plan to get a tattoo in 2020? Well, let’s take a look at the 20 trendiest small tattoos for women we have organized. A small tattoo is the best choice for someone who is tattooing for the first time.

Small tattoos don’t take much time, and they are not too painful. And small tattoos are easy to cover. Others don’t pay too much attention to you. Of course, small tattoos are also pretty and cute.

Swipe the screen to see our little tattoo list. We hope you find the most inspiration.

1.Friend heart small tattoos for women

Choose a heart-shaped tattoo with your best friend. This is the most memorable moment in life. We always need friends.

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2.Snake tattoos

Snake tattoo on the back! This is a powerful tattoo. It is perfect body art. The lines are smooth and full of power.

Source: @/tinytattooinc/

3.Birth year tattoo

What is your year of birth? Such a small tattoo is most meaningful no matter what part of the body it is tattooed on.

Source: @/tinytattooinc/

4.Cute panda tattoo

Chubby cute panda tattoo, you can’t help but have it.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

5.Flower combination heart tattoo

This is the most amazing tattoo idea. So pretty.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

6.A row of heart tattoos

Good creative tattoo, you can feel the heart beating.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

7.Heart tattoo on fingers

Beautiful blue heart tattoo on fingers. Looking forward to the spark of love.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

8.Heart tattoo on wrist

A clever combination of solid and hollow. heartbeat!

Source: @/playground_tat2/

9.Beating line tattoo

Line tattoo that beats the heart of the wrist. The pulse of life.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

10.Wrist line small tattoos for women

Flower knots, airplanes, palm trees, full of imagination!

Source: @/playground_tat2/

11.Flower and cross tattoo

The shadow of the flower turns into a cross. Expressive tattoos.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

12.Minimalist cat small tattoos for women

less is more. Simple but powerful. Cute cat tattoos are also fun.

Source: @/playground_tat2/

13.Flower small tattoos for women

Lady’s favorite flower tattoo. Also the most selected tattoo. You can choose your feet, wrists, ears, anywhere. Lotus, rose, sunflower, many, many, all kinds of flower language, profound meaning. Which one would you choose?

Source: @/playground_tat2/

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