What Does The Forget-Me-Not Flower Mean?

The forget-me-not flower is small and delicate, it is a genus of the Boraginaceae family. Forget-me-not flowers are generally blue, and few varieties have pink and white flowers.

Forget-me-nots have five petals, and the diameter of the flowers is generally half an inch. The blue color of the forget-me-not flower is very beautiful and is called ‘true blue’. True blue implies loyalty to one’s own opinions or determination to a career.

Forget-me-not flowers symbolize true love. It also symbolizes loyal love and memories. Princess Diana’s favorite flower is the forget-me-nots flower.

Forget-me-nots is the state flower of Alaska.

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Memorable meaning of forget-me-not flowers

As the name suggests, when people use this kind of flower, they hope that the person who receives the gift will not forget themselves.

In Newfoundland, Canada, people put on forget-me-not flowers on July 1 to commemorate the dead during the First World War.

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The legend of forget-me-nots flower

There are many legends about this blue flower. In German legend, when God named all the flowers, a small unnamed flower called: “Oh, my God, please don’t forget me (Forget-me-not)!”

So God readily replied: “This is your name.”

In another legend, it is said that a German knight walked along the Danube with his lover. During the walk, I saw small flowers blooming on the riverside with blue flowers. Regardless of the danger of his life, the knight approached and picked the flowers, but unexpectedly fell into the rapids.

The knight who knew he could not be rescued said “Don’t forget me!”, and threw the blue transparent flower to the lover, and disappeared into the water.

Afterward, the knight’s lover wore blue flowers on his hair day and night to show his unforgettable and loyalty to his lover. The blue transparent flower is therefore called “forget-me-not”, and its flower words are “don’t forget me” and “true love”.

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