15 Popular Swirl Nails You Need to Try

Have you noticed that swirl nails are turning out to be more and more popular? These fashionable colorful nail designs are everywhere this summer. And, this nail art will continue to be popular in the fall and winter.

Swirl nails allow you to enjoy your favorite colors perfectly and it is so beautiful and stylish. These multi-color nails look much better than the original color-skipping nails. This swirl mani comes from the retro aesthetic style of the 1970s.

And these nails are easy to make, so if you have some nail-making basics, it’s easy to DIY this beautiful manicure.

Below, we have collected some popular swirl manicure design ideas, check out the style and color that suits you.


1. Summer swirl nails

Although summer is long gone, I have been inspired by those genius summer swirl mani designs. The beautiful swirls of white and baby blue create a blue sky and white clouds effect.

Pink and white, white and green, these amazing swirl manis are nail ideas that have a touch of nature.






2. Swirl is suitable for any shape of the nail

Whether you have square nails, coffin nails, or almond nails, the swirl design is right for you. The gorgeous colorful swirls are like a rainbow replicated on your nails.




3. fabulous neutral nail swirls

Neutral nails are elegant and beautiful with a bold and lively swirl design. You will fall in love with this innovative neutral nail art.








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