Confident Blue Nails 2021 Inspires You

Blue nails look calm and confident. Blue is a cool shade. It represents loyalty and responsibility.

If you like this quiet shade, we will provide you with some inspiration. The most stylish blue manicure designs in our article will become your go-to look.


1.Blue coffin nails

The most popular manicure is inevitably coffin nails.

So when we mention blue nails, the first thing we still need to look at is the classic ballet shoe nail.

The light blue color is elegant and restrained, with snowflake sequins decoration, most suitable for winter wear.

And the combination of jewel blue and marble is also very attractive. The contrast is strong. This is followed by some butterfly floral embellishments that immediately add some warmth.




2. Blue and Pink Gradient Nail Ideas

Ombre nails are also trending. The pink to blue gradient looks warm and cozy.

And you can also embellish with rhinestones or gold foil. Such blue nails are elegant and luxurious.

Long coffin nails are best for this nail design. You can also blend blue marbling to add texture.




3.Blue Almond Nails

Beautiful blue veins. Stunning design ideas. You can get great inspiration.

Go ahead and design your most personalized blue manicure.



4. French nails

Classic French nails, the most popular long coffin nails.

Textured marble nails.

These combine and you will be instantly hooked on this manicure.



5. Blue Ombre Nail Art

The last thing we put together is still Ombre nails. This gives your manicure a more layered look.




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