August Birth Flower Tattoos: Poppy and Gladiolus Tattoos

August birth flower tattoos include poppy tattoos and gladiolus tattoos. Poppies come in a variety of beautiful colors. Poppies are also rich in symbolism. Red poppy tattoos signify happiness and love. However, poppies also sometimes represent death and comfort.

The gladiolus tattoo represents strength or obsession. Or the gladiolus also represents a heart pierced by love.

Both of these August birth flowers have very gorgeous colors. When they bloom, they are like a rainbow in the sky after rain. It is a very nice sight for people to enjoy.
People born in August and these two flowers have the same symbolism, are full of love and strong and brave.

Check out our August birth flower tattoos list, which birth flower tattoo will you choose?


1. Poppy flower tattoo design

Blood red watercolor style poppy tattoo is the most characteristic.


2. Gladiolus tattoo ideas


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