July Birth Flower Tattoos: Water lily Tattoo & Delphinium

July birth flower tattoos are water lily tattoos and delphinium tattoos. Water lilies are beautiful flowers for water features. Water lily tattoos signify purity and majesty. In the East, water lilies are associated with Buddhism.

The delphinium has a beautiful and towering flower spike. The flower language of delphinium is passionate love. Of course, different colors of delphinium have slightly different meanings.

Delphinium is also known as Larkspur. For example, the blue delphinium represents grace. The purple delphinium symbolizes first love. Pink delphinium symbolizes fickleness and tenderness.

July birth flower tattoos are two very beautiful and attractive symbolic tattoos. If you or your children and loved ones have a July birthday, then to commemorate this wonderful birthday, you can choose either a delphinium tattoo or a water lily tattoo.


1. Water lily tattoo


2. Delphinium tattoo (Larkspur tattoo)


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