May Birth Flower Tattoos: Bellflower and Hawthorn Tattoo

May birth flower tattoos are Bellflower tattoo and Hawthorn tattoo. The lily of the valley tattoo signifies the return of sweetness and happiness. And the hawthorn tattoo symbolizes hope and unparalleled happiness.

There are also many folk legends about hawthorn. The maypole used for many folk festivals in Europe is made of hawthorn trees. In England, the hawthorn tree is also called the Mayflower tree. The pilgrims’ ship was named “The Mayflower “, because the hawthorn flower represents hope.

The lily of the valley also has a long history and significance. It is often used in religious ceremonies and world celebrations.

May is the month of hope. So if you are born in May, then definitely do not miss these two happy flowers.


1. There is a legend that the lily of the valley opens to the song of the nightingale. And the nightingale only sings in May.

This white bell-shaped flower is very recognizable.


2. Hawthorn flower tattoo is also very beautiful. Its slender stamens make people full of love.


May birth flower tattoos give you good hope. Of course, if you love the lily of the valley and hawthorn, you can also choose the May birthday flower tattoo whether it is May’s birthday or not.


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