April Birth Flower Tattoos: Daisy and Sweet Pea Tattoos

April birth flower tattoos include daisy tattoos and sweet pea tattoos. The daisy represents pure love and purity. And the sweet pea conveys happiness and joy.

The daisy is a very popular flower with a long history and rich meaning. The flower head of the daisy closes at night and opens again during the day. Therefore daisies also symbolize keeping secrets and represent loyalty and trust. This richness has inspired many daisy tattoos.

The sweet pea is pretty and soft and comes in many beautiful colors. It is used in floral decorations and wedding bouquets.

April is the best time of spring. Everywhere is full of vitality. If you are also born in April, then be sure to try these two tattoos.


1. Daisy tattoo

Daisy tattoos are generally very simple. Black ink or a light yellow is particularly suitable for a daisy tattoo design.


2. Sweet pea tattoo

Sweet peas have a special and attractive aroma. This fragrance can also repel flies.

It is a beautiful and practical flower. Therefore, people who have this tattoo can also bring happiness around.


April birth flower tattoos are always positive and sunny. They have a spring in their step. Come and choose your favorite April tattoo.


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