Learn how to draw watermelons with colored pencils

Today we will practice how to draw watermelons with colored pencils. This is a simple video tutorial. Beginners can also follow the video step by step to draw realistic watermelon paintings.



In the first step, we start by drawing the outline of a cut watermelon with a light pink colored pencil.

Note the location of the watermelon rind which we sketched with a green colored pencil.

Next, we draw the outline lines of the watermelon seeds.


In the second step, we start painting the base color.

For the first layer of base color, we choose a pink pencil. For the second layer, we choose the orange pencil.

Note the rough outline of the watermelon seeds with the black color pencil.

Around the watermelon seeds, we use a red pencil to deepen them.


Step 3: Draw watermelons seeds with a black color pencil. Be careful to leave the highlights in place.

Next, we start coloring with a red pencil.

After a few color overlays, the watermelon’s attractive hue gradually became available.

Finally, we use dark green to draw the watermelon rind position. The light green and light yellow colors are used to draw the location where the watermelon rind meets the flesh.

In the end, we draw the projection with a black color pencil.



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