How to Draw a Mushroom for Beginners

How to Draw a Mushroom-20210810

Today we learn how to draw a mushroom. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners. And we also show a video tutorial on how to drawing a mushroom. Following our video, even if you don’t have any drawing experience you can easily draw a nice and three-dimensional agaric. The mushroom is a very special … Read more

Learn How to Drawing Hands in One Stroke

Drawing Hands in One Stroke-2021070803

Today we continue to practice drawing hands in one stroke. This time we’ll draw the palm of a handheld up in one stroke. You can find some characteristics by looking at your own hand. Pay attention to the finger proportions, and the finger shading form. We have put together a video of the process of … Read more

One line drawing Hand and Heart

One line drawing Hand and Heart-2021070503

Today we will practice one line drawing Hand and Heart. Today’s one-line drawing exercise is relatively easy. We just need to draw the abstract outline of the hand and the heart. This exercise is more friendly for beginners. Of course, we also need to pay attention to the proportions of the hand. Try to draw … Read more

How to One Line Drawing Hand and Butterfly

One line drawing Hand and Butterfly-2021070403

Let’s practice how to One Line Drawing Hand and Butterfly. The fingers have perfect proportions in terms of thickness, length, and palm of the hand. This takes a long time to practice. Especially as a beginner. My work is a bit small in proportion to the palm of my hand and my fingers are not … Read more

How to One line drawing Bamboo

One line drawing Bamboo-20210702013

Today we will practice how to one line drawing Bamboo. First, we will observe the characteristics of bamboo. They have distinct bamboo joints and straight lines of leaves. As long as we master these two features, we will be able to draw beautiful bamboo in one line. Let’s take a look at our finished single-line … Read more

Practice One Line Drawing Hand

Today we practice one line drawing hand. The minimalist one-line drawing hand can inspire us a lot. It can be used for tattoos, decorative paintings, t-shirts, and other artworks. Beginners can also draw a satisfactory one-line hand after practice.   1. The hand is the most flexible human organ. The single line drawing hands should … Read more

Practice One Line Draw Flowers and Others

One line draw flowers-202104060266

How to one line draw flowers? We have compiled some videos of exercises. They are all one-stroke drawings suitable for beginners. There are some other one-stroke drawing exercises. Hope to give you some inspiration. line drawing flower     2.One line drawing honeybee   3.One line drawing whale     4. One line … Read more