How to Draw a Mushroom for Beginners

Today we learn how to draw a mushroom. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners. And we also show a video tutorial on how to drawing a mushroom.

Following our video, even if you don’t have any drawing experience you can easily draw a nice and three-dimensional agaric.

The mushroom is a very special creature on earth. It is neither a plant nor an animal, but a separate species. Many mushrooms are very tasty, such as shiitake and enoki.

But mushrooms in the wild should never be consumed. Many of them are poisonous.

To draw mushrooms we only need one HB pencil and one 2B pencil. Let’s get started.



1 step
First, we draw a circle. This circle does not have to be perfect.
Then we draw two vertical auxiliary lines inside the circle through the center.
We are going to draw a tilted mushroom, so we will also draw two vertical, tilted auxiliary lines.
Next, following these two auxiliary lines, we will draw two ellipses.
Then we can draw the stem of the mushroom.
Here the basic outline of a mushroom is drawn.


2 steps
Next, we use the eraser to erase some unwanted auxiliary lines.
Then we draw the rounded lines of the mushroom umbrella cap. Note the curvature of the bend. These lines will make your drawing of the mushroom appear three-dimensional.
Finally, we draw the dark areas and shadows of the mushroom.
A simple mushroom is ready.


Is it easy to draw an agaric like this? If you want to show your drawing agaric works, please leave us a comment below.

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How to Draw a Mushroom Step by Step


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