How to Draw a Mushroom Step by Step

The round mushrooms look good and are also a delicacy. Today we are going to draw a mushroom. This is an easy step-by-step tip.


1.Draw a mushroom – Draw the outline

First, we start by drawing a rounded U shape. You can try to make the two sides of the U shape slightly curved.

Then we have a curved line to seal the mouth of the U-shape.

Next, we draw the cap of the cute mushroom.

This way we finish the general outline of the mushroom.


2. Draw anthropomorphic cute mushrooms

Next, we draw the lower edge of the umbrella cap.

Then come the anthropomorphic eyes and mouth.

Finally, we draw the round decoration on the umbrella cap.


3. Plus color

Next, we paint the stems of the mushrooms with semi-circles for decoration.

Then we draw the outline clearly.

A lovely mushroom is ready to be drawn.

Finally, we can paint the mushroom with beautiful colors.


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