How to Draw a Kitten Cute and Easy

Do you want to learn how to draw a kitten? Today we have prepared a step-by-step tutorial for that. Even a beginner can easily draw a cute kitten.


1. Draw the head shape of a kitten

First, we draw the big head of a cute cat.

The shape is almost like a big circle with a small part cut out.

This is a little different from the round cat head we drew before.

You can practice a few more times until you find a shape you are happy with.

Then we draw the cat‘s ears.


2. Draw a kitten the body and legs

Then we finished drawing the kitten‘s ears first.

Then we drew the whiskers on both sides.

Finally, we draw the body part. Pay attention to the proportions.

We have to draw it much smaller than the head. Then note that the body is asymmetrical. We want to draw a naughty and dynamic cat.

We carefully draw its four short legs.


3. Draw the kitten’s eyes, mouth, and nose

Next, we draw the kitten’s curved eyes. Then come the nose and mouth.

These are easy to do.

At this point, our kitten is basically finished.

Let’s start to draw the outline lines more clearly.


4.Add color

Finally, we can paint the cute kitten with beautiful colors.

5.Our work is done and we have organized the steps on how to draw a kitten into one big picture, you can print it if you need it.

How about the kitten you drew? Do you want to show your painting? Leave us a comment below.


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