How to Draw a Penguin Cute and Easy

Penguin is a very cute little animal. Today we are going to draw a penguin. This is still a step-by-step tip for drawing beginners.


1. Draw a penguin – Start with the outlined line

First, we still need to draw some contour lines. Use a lighter touch.

We are going to draw a cute penguin, so pay attention to the proportions.

In the first step, let’s draw a half-circle.

Then draw an oval underneath. The two ends of the oval are cut out.

This will be the rough outline of the cute little penguin.

Next, we draw two curved lines inside the torso.


2. Drawing Mouth

Then we started to draw the beak of the cute little penguin. An almost triangular shape.

Then draw its round little eyes.

Finally, draw its paws.


3. Drawing a penguin – final details

Finally, we paint the little penguin with short little wings.

Then we erase some unwanted outlines. Then we darken the lines that need to be kept.

Next, we paint the penguin with some colors.

And that’s it, our cute little penguin is done. Isn’t it easy?


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