How to Draw a Cute Butterfly Step by Step

Let’s practice draw a cute butterfly again. This is still a step-by-step practice process. It can be done easily by beginners.


1. Draw a cute butterfly – Draw the outline of the body

First, we draw a circle and then a slightly smaller oval below it.

The torso part of the cute butterfly is drawn.

Then we draw its cute little legs.



2. Drawing eyes

Then we drew the butterfly’s eyes, mouth, and tentacles.


3. Draw a cute butterfly – Start drawing the wings

Next, we start to draw the beautiful wings of the butterfly.

If you don’t have a good grasp of the proportions, you can start by drawing an auxiliary line, as we did.


4. Painting colors

We finish the outline lines of the butterfly and then paint the outline lines clearly.

Draw a few circles inside the wings.

Finally, we start painting with beautiful colors.

A lovely butterfly is finished.

If you want to show your drawing or have any questions, you can leave us a message in the comment section.


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