How to Draw a Cute Bumblebee Step by Step

Today we are going to draw a cute bumblebee. This is a simple step-by-step tutorial. It can be done easily by beginners.


1. Draw a cute bumblebee–contour line

First, we draw an ellipse. This will be the big head of the cute bumblebee.

Then draw the bumblebee’s round body. Pay attention to the proportions, we want to draw its body much smaller than the head.

Next, draw the outline of the bumblebee’s eyes.


2. Drawing eye details

Next, we finish drawing the details of the bumblebee’s eyes.

Draw two small circles on the cheeks.

Then draw the tentacles of the head.


3. Drawing Wings

Next, we draw the two pairs of round wings of the bumblebee.

Then we draw its cute little legs and hands. And the mouth.


4. Perfecting the details

Next, we draw the circular decoration on the wings.

And the lines on the bumblebee’s chubby belly.

Then we add more color to the outline lines.

Start its eyes painted with color.


5. Draw a cute bumblebee-Painting colors

Finally, we started to paint the lovely bumblebee.

You can choose the color you like.


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