How to Draw a Cute Rabbit Step by Step

Rabbits are very cute little animals. Today we are going to draw a cute rabbit.

This is an easy step by step tutorial. It is a step by step drawing for beginners.


1. Draw a cute rabbit – Start with the outline

First, we draw the head, which is in the shape of a pear. The top half is small and the bottom half is large.

Then we draw the two big ears of the rabbit.

Next is the rounded torso.

We are going to draw a cute baby bunny. So pay attention to the proportions, the torso part should be smaller.


2. Draw the bunny’s limbs

Next, we start to draw the limbs.

Short little legs, short rounded arms. Such a bunny looks very cute.

Then draw a small tail.

Then we draw the inner outline of the ears. And the hair on the top of the head of the cute little rabbit.


3. Draw a cute rabbit eyes

Next, we draw the bunny’s big eyes.

Then come the nose and mouth.

This is where the cute bunny outline is drawn.

Let’s start thickening the outline.


4. Painting colors

And finally, we can paint a little color. Make our bunny look a little more three-dimensional.


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