20 Short Red Nail Designs to Impress You

The short red nail design is a classic manicure. Just like red lipstick, they have been a popular fashion to remember.

But nowadays, short red manicures have changed a lot and become much more trendy.

Especially with Valentine’s Day approaching, red manicures are going to be hot in nail salons again.

Red nails are a bold, confident color. It represents passion and fire. It signifies that you are a bold and outgoing person.


1. Valentine’s Day Nails

Red will always be a staple of Valentine’s Day.

And the usual red manicure just needs to add a heart-shaped decoration, such as the more popular gold line hearts.



2. Almond short red nail

The passionate red color, with the rounded almond shape, to a certain extent, subdue the overly ostentatious style





3. Glossy short red nail

Brilliant red is always passionate and romantic. Glossy short red manicures are your first choice for Valentine’s Day.







4. Beautiful accents

Red nails with pretty flower or snowflake accents.



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