15 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs You’ll Love

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you’re joining the V-day celebration or not, you have a reason to choose Valentine’s Day nail for yourself this romantic holiday.

Scroll down the screen in our list and we’re sure you can find a favorite Valentine’s Day manicure.


1. Nude Valentine’s Day Nail

Nude color with heart-shaped decoration. Creates the cutest Valentine’s Day manicure.

Of course nude color and other colors match to make your V-day nails more lively and lovely.

Let’s see which combination you like.






2. Heart-shaped decoration

An essential part of a Valentine’s Day manicure is a heart-shaped decoration.

It’s your choice how much to add.





3. Pink and blue contrast

Are red and pink the only popular colors for Valentine’s Day nails?

You can also try a blue Valentine’s Day manicure design.





4. Long Valentine’s Day Nail

Valentine’s Day manicures all need a length, and it seems that romance and manicure length have something to do with it.

Whether it’s long coffin nails or long square nails, it just looks glamorous.

Add in the fiery Valentine’s Day decorations and you’ll love all of these fabulous Valentine’s Day manicures!





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