How to Draw a Valentine’s Day Bear Step by Step

Another Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Draw a Valentine’s Day bear with your own hands and give it to your loved one this year.

This is surely the most special and memorable gift. Especially if you have never touched painting before. This will be a great surprise.

This step-by-step tutorial is easy. We believe it can be done by novices too.


1.Draw a Valentine’s Day Bear – Outline Line

First, we start drawing the big head of this cute bear.

This is a big circle.

Then we draw the torso of the Valentine bear. The torso is an almond-shaped oval.

Then we draw its short legs.


2. Draw Valentine’s Day Love

Then we started to draw a big heart shape.

The bear will be holding the heart. So pay attention to its position.

Then draw two small ovals on the top and bottom of the heart. These will be the bear’s cute hands.

Next, we draw the bear’s cute ears, nose, and curved eyes.


3. Painting colors

Finally, we erase the unwanted auxiliary lines.

Then paint the parts that are needed more clearly.

Remember to draw a strand of hair on the top of the bear’s head.

Finally, let’s start painting the colors. You can use watercolor pencils or colored pencils.

And remember to finish the bear’s mouth.


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