How to Draw a Baby Bear for Valentine’s Day

Today we draw a baby bear again. This is still a simple step-by-step tutorial. It can be done easily by beginners.

After the painting is complete you can DIY it into a Valentine’s Day pop-up card for your favorite person.


1. Draw a baby bear – start with the outline

First, we draw a large circle, which will be the head of the baby bear, taking care to elongate the circle a little.

Then draw the outline of the bear’s body. Pay attention to the proportions, we want to draw a cute bear, so the torso part should be smaller.

Next, we draw the bear’s cute little legs and arms.

Finally, we draw the traction line of the balloon, paying attention to the natural curvature.


2. Finish the outline lines of the bear

Next, we draw the outline lines of the balloon.

Then draw the bear’s cute features. Tiny eyes, nose, mouth. And the slightly slanted eyebrows.

Finally, we draw the ears and a strand of hair on top of the head.


3. Painting colors

Finally, we use the eraser to erase the unwanted auxiliary lines. Then deepen the outline lines.

Next, we can paint the colors. We use water-soluble colored pencils.

Pay attention to the light and dark changes, this can make your Valentine’s Day bear more three-dimensional and cuter.


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