How to Draw Cute Cat Step by Step

Cats are so cute. Cats often appear in all kinds of art. For example, in animation, clothes, and everyday objects. Today we are going to draw a cute cat step by step.


1.Draw cute cat – rough outline

First, we draw an ellipse. Notice that we have to draw it larger, it will be the head of a cute kitten.

Then we draw the body of the cat. Note the proportions. The length of the body is about the same as the head.

Next, we draw the cat’s furry cheek.


2. Draw Legs and Big Tail

Next, we draw the legs of this cute kitten. Notice the proportions and the graceful curvature.

Then we draw its lovely big, furry tail.

Finally, we erase the auxiliary lines with an eraser. The outline of the cute cat is done.

By following our steps, you will find it easy to draw the cute kitten.


3. Draw Cat Face

Next, we begin to draw the cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

And the cat’s cute long whiskers.

Then we draw the shadows of the cat’s eyes. This gives your cat an immediate look.

Finally, we draw in some details.

If you have colored pencils, you can add some color as well. Our cute cat is done.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide. Anyone can easily draw a cute cat.


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